Video Conference Capabilities Available

As we grow, we change.  As times change, we adapt.  We realize the need for secure communication, and in this day and age the ability to communicate for long distances is key.  Especially as we add new units across the state.  The ability for Unit CO’s to get together face to face may not always be feasible, so we’ve made some changes to the website we’re proud to announce!

We’ve recently updated the website to include a feature for end to end encrypted video conferencing.  This feature is similar to many of the other capabilities out there (think Zoom), but the main differences are that it is encrypted and built directly into our website.  This will allow us to get face to face securely for meetings when in person meetings aren’t possible.  Whether it’s a planning or strategizing meeting for a specific Battalion or a Battalion CO meeting just to discuss what each unit is doing, the benefit is great.  Let’s continue to grow in 2021, and prepare for whatever may come our way!