S.W.O.R.D. Teams

Select Weapons, Ordinance and Reconnaissance Detachment

Consists of 6 men who receive extra training in one of three areas: Designated Marksman, Land Navigation or Communications. Two men in each team will duplicate the necessary disciplines of “Shoot, Move and Communicate”.

They will carry highly accurate rifles with higher end optics/night vision (Select Weapons) study the theory and employment of military weapons they may encounter on a future battlefield, such as grenades, RPG’s, mines, etc. (Ordinance) and practice advanced land navigation, compass/map reading and recon techniques (Reconnaissance).

All members of the team must be:
– Level 3 qualified in both Physical Fitness and Marksmanship (i.e. a Grade Modifier of 33X).
– Assault Pistol qualification is also required.

Individual Skills (2 members each, but cross-training is encouraged) –

Designated Marksman Team:
– Both must pass DMR qualification. In the field one will act as the spotter.
– Conduct a terrain survey.
– Estimate range to target.
– Construct and use a ghillie suit.
– Construct and use a Sniper/Forward Observation Post hide.
– Conduct long range surveillance of target for intelligence gathering purposes.
– Plan and implement a enemy harassment plan.
– Plan and conduct interdiction operations on key target personnel.

Advanced Land Navigation:
– Advanced map/compass reading
– Excellent land navigation skills
– Plan, lead and execute patrols and reconnaissance gathering missions.

– Must complete a HAM radio training program and have a thorough understanding of Basic Operating Procedures, Tactical Comm, CommSec, the Rapid Alert System, SitRep
and SALUTE and his unit C.E.O.I.
– Must be able to operate all unit comm equipment.
– Build a field expedient, clandestine antenna.
– Transmit and receive Morse code.

Training activities of a six-man S.W.O.R.D. Team –
– Plan and conduct a surveillance/recon patrol to include long range ops (LRRP).
– Plan and implement psychological ops.
– Prepare accurate Sit-Reps and assist Command Staff in the planning of operations.
– Identify and track enemy patrol/recon operations.
– Design and implement ambushes and raids to include sniper operations.
– Know how to assemble incendiary devices made from common readily available material (knowledge, not build illegal devices).
– Create a smoke screen.

S.W.O.R.D. Team Rank Structure –
The Team Leader and Assistant Team Leader must be the two members of the team trained in advanced land navigation techniques. They will plan and lead the patrols/operations, as well as assist in the training of the other members of the team.

Team Leader – Master Sergeant
Assistant Team Leader – Staff Sergeant
Comm’s and DM’s (2 each) – Sergeant

Since a “Select Weapons, Ordinance and Reconnaissance Detachment” is just that, a detachment, members of a Command Staff (Battalion, Regiment, etc.) cannot serve on
S.W.O.R.D. Teams. If a detachment were deployed which contained members of the unit’s Command Staff it would effectively decapitate the unit leaving them lacking in key personnel.