Liberty Defenders Everywhere De-Platformed by Facebook

In the latest attack on Free Speech, the social media platform Facebook has gone out of it’s way to silence those who share opposing political views.  Yesterday, the platform nuked thousands of pages, groups, and accounts they deemed “dangerous”.  Their own blog post suggests that the pages and accounts they wiped out were “Anarchists”, Qanon Conspiracy Groups and people, and Militias that according to them “support violent acts amidst protests“.

The problem with this, is that true constitutional militias DO NOT support these violent protests and acts occurring in Liberal hot beds.  In fact, most have actually defended their communities AGAINST these violent Antifa type riots.  The Light Foot Militia for example, has stood to defend against these riots, yet we have been targeted.  Florida Light Foot Militia and it’s Commanding Officer Matt Johnson stands for the rights of all Floridians, yet both were removed without warning, without violation notification, and without an option for appeal/review.  This egregious act is disturbing to say the least; but considering the fact that the BLM and ANTIFA pages, groups, and profiles are allowed to remain says much more.

What might you ask brings about these actions?  Simple.  The recent Executive Order by President Trump and the formation of Attorney General William Barr’s new “Taskforce” to take down “extremism”.  The EO specifically mentioned “Militias” and we warned that this would be used against Patriots.  But the die hard followers of the President screeched and called names and denied this would ever happen.  Here we are folks.  They’re coming after freedom, and you’re in the way.  What will  you do?  Will you cower and hop on the box-car; or will you stand and defend your freedoms.