Welcome to the Light Foot brotherhood!

“Victory Loves the Prepared!”

As a whole, we are a decentralized organization of Light Foot militia battalions. United by our love of country, and by our use of the “Light Foot Standards” to form local, county-based militia units. Utilizing the same Code of Conduct, Unit Structure, Rank Structure, Uniform Standard, Small Unit Tactics and Battle Drills, we are able to link up seamlessly with other Light Foot units in our state, or neighboring states, in case of local or national emergency.

Bringing the Light Foot to Florida was a process that took several years, but once it was implemented it quickly took off in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic.  As communities were forced to close their businesses under threat of fines and jail, the need for those willing to stand in the defense of the rights of everyone in the community rose.  Eventually, enough was enough and the 27th Field Force was born.  Our organizational meeting saw 6 show to join, and we’ve only grown from there.  From one unit to multiple, with active or interested members pledged to stand with their communities all over the state.

If there isn’t currently a Light Foot Unit in your Community, please feel free to Contact Us and we can help get one started!